OLE DB or ODBC error: Operation aborted; HY008

This article will help you troubleshoot the issue, especially if you get error messages when someone tries to process a database, i.e. a cube, in SQL Server Analysis Services.


In SQL Server Analysis Services, you can try to process a database, also known as a cube, using SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio or SQL Server Management Studio. However, the business process fails and you get the following basic error messages:

  • Error message 1

    OLAP storage engine error: Could not find quality key: Table: TableName, Column: column_name1, value : value1. Table: TableName, Column: ColumnName2, Value: Value2.Message

  • Error 2

    Error using OLAP storage engine: Record was skipped because attribute key was not found. Attribute: Constructed Dimension X Attribute: DimensionName Entire Database: DatabaseName, Cube: CubeName, Measure Group: MeasureGroupName, Partition: PartitionName , Record: RecordNumber.

  • Reason

    This problem occurs andBecause the fact table, which should contain a cube or several other records containing a very important attribute and the key of this attribute, does not exist in the corresponding dimension set table. This issue can occur if your queries did not process the correct score before processing the cube, or even if the underlying tables contain mismatched data. The table must contain null data.


    To solve this problem, you need to make sure that the source of your statistics points to the following places:

  • Correct underlying data source instance, i.e. SQL Server instance.
  • Correct database.
  • Then fix the base albums containing the problematic Mysterium attribute. To do this, use one of the following methods. A

    Use Existing Component Key

    Update the entries to use a different existing attribute key by running the following statement:

    Update  to accommodate = where = or  is NULL

    Set Key Values ​​in Fa Table

    Add more rows to this dimension table to match the key values ​​from the fact table. Null if there are values, use them for the following methods:

  • Replace zero rates with real values.

  • You may want to configure the setting for an unknown registrant by setting the UnknownMember and UnknownMemberName properties. You can make the unknown member visible or invisible according to your needs.

  • Use all fanbase settings in the Edit Settings dialog:

  • Set the KeyErrorAction property to ConvertToUnknown.
  • Set the NullKeyNotAllowed property to IgnoreError , ReportAndContinue.
  • Set the NullKeyConvertedtoUnknown property to either IgnoreError or ReportAndContinue.
  • Click “Ignore Error Count”.
  • You set these parameters for the entire instance, or you can use your own configuration for each parameter.

    Ignore Error

    If you want to process a database, or usually a cube,without correcting the data, you can configure the error configuration in the processing operation so that all errors are ignored. This should only be done as a temporary workaround after you fix the underlying data. Otherwise, you will get unexpected results from all multidimensional expression (MDX) queries. To underestimate mistakes, do the following:

    1. Often, in the Process Database -DatabaseName**** dialog box, which can be a Process https://formatcube.com -CubeName**** dialog box, click Change Settings.
    2. In the Edit Settings dialog box, click the Fatal Dimension Errors tab.
    3. Click Use custom task configuration.
    4. In the “Key not found” list, change the default report but continue ignoring errors.
    5. Click Ignore Spaces.
    6. Click OK to close the Edit Settings dialog box.
    7. Click OK to change the database or cube

    Also, most users can ignore the error configuration set for a cube or partition when an error occurs. AdditionalFor more information and facts, see Setting Errors for Cube, Partition, and Dimension Processing.


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    In This Article

    This article provides general troubleshooting information and specific strategies for resolving errors that often occur when using SQL Server Analysis Services when processing multidimensional models.

    Processing Error

    Analysis Services may forget to handle this error:
    OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: operation aborted; HY008.

    In SQL OLE DB terms, hy008 means DB_E_CANCELED, indicating that the user’s request was intentionally canceled by the caller. Sometimes you may see this error in best SQL Server Management Studio:

    Internal error: The operation did not start successfully.
    OLE DB error: OLE DB or even ODBC error: Request timed out; HYT00.
    Errors present in the OLAP storage engine: An error occurred while processing a dimension with our own IDm "", majority name "".

    HYT00 indicates DB_E_ABORTLIMITREACHED (0x80040E31) or timed out. Timeout expired due to SQL_QUERY_TIMEOUT setting. The timeout command or polling timeout has interrupted these running requests and is currently stopping the job.

    Equivalent Command And XML Error

    If you are using XMLA to manipulate Analysis Services objects using commands, the syntax might look like this:

                Full processing

    When the timeout expires, the system displays a robust list of various errors appended to the long string. One or more database connections have timed out, but you may not notice it. There is currently a major issue with a bug that causes multiple connections to drop due to a cancellation notification. Parsing services report errors in what seems to be meaningful ordering, multithreading, processing implementation wilds. The timeout indicator is hard to see.

    Internal error: The operation failed. Internal error: The operation failed. Server: The current operation was aborted because a specific operation in the transaction failed. Internal error: The operation failed. OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: **Link 08S01; Fail; Shared Memory Provider: No process moves to the other end of the pipe.
    ; 08S01.** OLAP Continuous Engine Error: Storage An error occurred while processing the most important dimension with id.set to "Dim Time", the name is "Date". Error in OLAP Storage Container Engine: When an error occurred, the actual attribute 'Fiscal Year' of type 'Date' in the database 'AdventureWorksDW2012Multidirectional-EE' was considered processed. OLE DB error: OLE or ODBC db error: Website communication error; 08C01; Shared Memory Provider: A process has not terminated on another channel.

    To understand this effort, 08S01 of the program stands for DB_E_CANNOTCONNECT. This HResult comes from a slightly misnomer. The system may be unable to establish a connection, or the connection may drop or drop frequently after a request is canceled due to the provider or server.

    Check the OLAP\Log\Msmdsrv.log file frequently. Often you may get an error that your application does not register it.

    (6/12/2012 4:52:21 PM) Message: (Source: [\\?\C:\OLAP\Log\msmdsrv.log](file://\\?\ C:\OLAP \Log\msmdsrv.log), Type: Category: 3, 289, Event ID: 0xC1210003)
    (6/12/2012 4:52:21 PM) Message: OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Operation aborted; HY008. (Source: [\\?\C:\OLAP\Log\msmdsrv.log](file://\\?\C:\OLAP\Log\msmdsrv.log), type: 3, category: 289, log ID event: 0xC1210003)
    (12.06.2012 16:52:22) OLE message: DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Operation aborted; HY008. (Source: [\\?\C:\OLAP\Log\msmdsrv.log](file://\\?\C:\OLAP\Log\msmdsrv.log), type: 3, category: event 289, id : 0xC1210003)
    (6/12/2012 4:52:24 PM) Message: OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Operation aborted; HY008. (Source: [\\?\C:\OLAP\Log\msmdsrv.log](file://\\?\C:\OLAP\Log\msmdsrv.log), type: top three, category: 289, event ID: 0xC1210003)
    (6/12/2012 4:45:33 AM) OLE message: DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Operation aborted; HY008. (Source: [\\?\C:\OLAP\Log\msmdsrv.log](file://\\?\C:\OLAP\Log\msmdsrv.log), type: 3, category: 289, log ID event: 0xC1210003)