How to fix “The Windows Store cache may be corrupted” error

If you are having trouble getting Windows updates on your Windows 10 operating system, then clearing the Windows Update cache is great for helping you find Windows Update errors (Windows Update freezes while checking for updates, Windows Update freezes while preparing to install suspended updates, or Windows Update is stuck 0% associated with Windows

I definitely have a dead server that shows a STOP Windows error on boot, and I’m logging that entry into ILO

PCI Express Fatal Error (Onboard Device, Bus 0, Device 28, Function 7, Wellbeing Error 0x00100000)

Proliant DL380p Gen8, 2 x 2620 xeon processors, 256 GB RAM
Integrated 4-port HP Ethernet 1Gbps 331flr controller
Integrated Smart Array P420i slots
pci-e 1 HP Ethernet 10 adapter Gbps 2 ports 560SFP+< PCI-E br>HP Ethernet 10Gb Slot 2 Adapter 2 ports 560SFP+

1. Installed Server 2016 Datacenter Desktop using virtual without CD,
2 problems. Updating windows update, on reboot, no problems
3. Latest SPP 2017 (July running) on ​​device, reboot failed – single PCI error

I noticed that the HP BIOS points to the p71 Server 2016, but the Intelligent And Provisioning SUM doesn’t consider the P71 available and displays all 2015 P70s as newer. However, loading support does not indicate that P71 is available and unique to the system.

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document id  SOLN290241 Version:  5.0 Status:  Published Issue date:  17. January 2020 Created on:  29. May 2016



• in AES
[client@AES6AICDC1 ~]$swversion
******************************************************* ***** ************************************
Application Activation Services
******************************************************* ***** ************************************
Information about the Aes virtual machine update
Version – Software:
Platform system version 6: .3.8.01002.0
******************************************************* ***** ************************************
OS version: Linux 2.6.18-371.6.1.AV2.domU.el5xen

How do I reset my cache in Windows 10?

All files using the Windows Store cache will be cleared when you can reset or fine-tune the Windows Store cache files. To answer your question, app data on your individual device, including your login details, will be deleted indefinitely. Go to Settings > System > Apps & Features > Store > Advanced Options > Reset.

*************** Numbers of patches installed in this body *************
******************************************************* ***** ************************************
Use “swversion [-a | –all]” to get a complete list of services such as RPMS and paths/updates

Clarifying The Problem

How do I fix the Windows Store cache?

On your keyboard, press the custom Windows logo theme key and possibly type r at the same time. Then type wsreset.exe and press Enter.
Wait for the entire Windows Reset Cache Tutorials process to complete.
open after polishingshop windows.

The System Platform Server will restart itself. Press AES, hold, no reaction, need a tedious reset


LOG: A fatal system error (NMI) has occurred. The system firmware stores additional information in a separate IML entry when possible

Is it OK to delete WUDownloadCache?

The WUDownloadCache folder is created by this update by the Windows 10 wizard, so deleting it is not dangerous.

LOG: PCI Express Fatal Error (Onboard Drive, Bus 0, Device 2, Single Function, Error Status 0x00000000)



The test report found no other critical issues other than this particular hardware error dated 05/11/2016.

And I found this post on the hp website, andThe following questions are entirely related to us. 5313433

As you can see from these two articles, HP Restaurants has no idea how to identify and fix this error.
Once we had a problem, we rebooted the server for good, and if postman didn’t show up after one (because no new hardware errors were logged in hplog), I think it was due to a power failure.