Subject: X570 BIOS 2812 (beta) WHEA error above

  • Windows 10 Professional 2004
  • Ryzen 1600
  • Corsair 5 Vengeance LPX 1x8GB 3000MHz
  • GTX 1060 6GB
  • My computer worked fine only in one minor situation (sound problems for one second every few hours, which is hard to explain after I found out that the sound is the same as with a BSOD) appearance. Mostly to “fix” I decided to update my bios, and that’s what you do with a fresh install of Windows.

    I reset the motherboard to factory settings, the update and the BIOS appeared without problems. After formatting my SSD, building Windows, updating everything possible on Windows Update, and finally installing all the drivers from the exact manufacturer of my motherboard. i

    Yesterday I came to my home branch for work (only Outlook, Edge, Citrix and Spotify opened iirc) and got SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION your clean BSOD (all dumps and not just minidumps in the link below).

    After that, the computer restarted as usual and everything was fine, even used World of in warcraft for a few hours before shutting everything down.

    Turn on this morningI went down to some computer and went to drink coffee, went downstairs, turned off the computer, pressed the button again and started up, well, I checked WhoCrashed for complete certainty, and there was a working minidump there, this time INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR. Did a little research on this and filed the issue with Driver Easy to make sure no driver updates are available for purchase (manually checking the device manually resulted in no updates available). There are only two driver updates available, one for my monitor and one for the internet card , so I removed Driver Easy and the LAN driver downloaded directly from Realtek and left the monitor untouched.

    Turned off my laptop for lunch and when I got to the market in the afternoon after it turned on, having it on I could see it going on, turns on from the front as soon as the lights go out, l the computer turns off but after that I turn it on. constantly on, starts up well.

    Already checked for driver updates, removed OC-Pick (before the second INTERNAL POWER ERROR minidump it was and turned off) continued, turned off hibernation (turned off part of the computer for 30 minutes and then restarted) started normally. Try when you turn it on

    Can anyone with knowledge take a look at the dumps and help me fix this?

    Home – Windows 10″ How to fix Windows 10 beta process issue

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    If you normally use Windows 10 on your PC, you already know that Windows 10 comes with two app stores. One is the Windows 8 Store app in use with a green icon, the other is a sensational beta version with a gray main tile. The previous version of Windows originally had only one store app. Windows Store Apps Many of them allow them to export recent apps. Windows on 10 build 9926, this Store beta app allows Insiders to test the universal preview of Office apps. But you may have a headache when trying to launch your store beta app. It can provide information about the notification available on your screen.

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    How To Fix “Data Storage” Issue In Version 10

    1 window. You need to run the elevated command through N windows X keyboard together. by selecting System icon first from the power menu.

    PowerShell in -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Command “& Or $ indicate its presence = (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.WindowsStore).InstallLocation + `”AppxManifest.xml” Add-AppxPackage -disabledevelopmentmode rr -register manifest”.

    3.Click the “Connect” button and wait a few seconds for the process to complete.

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    THX – – DTS 2.0

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    Majestic253 PC specifications
    Motherboard ASUS X570-F strix GAMING
    Processor AMD gets Ryzen 5900X
    Memory ь (board number)
    Graphics #1 RTX 3080
    Memory #1 INTEL 660P Series, 512 GB< /td>
    SABRENT >1 TB of memory 3 pcie.CPU CORSAIR 0
    H100i PRO XT Cooler
    Power Supply ASUS STRIX 850W GOLD
    Keyboard MSI
    Mouse MSI
    Mouse pad LOGITECH< /td>


    Don’t worry, WHEA (Windows Hardware Error Architecture) was designed to keep your hardware safe, prevent component degradation, etc. Our error started showing up with brand new BIOS versions released by Asus and applies to many different motherboard options and should usually be related to AMD’s latest AGESA update, the only annoying thing is that the computer can be restarted without notice to fix the hardware. and errors, in some cases even when updating the system. advice i cangive you, – check your MB’s support page. Starting from which BIOS version a pure Zen 3 processor is supported, and therefore downgrade the firmware.
    As for sound in mb-bios, the one supported by the Zen 3 process should start with 2606.

    If you can’t be sure to be downgraded, don’t make any BIOS changes and don’t fully use DCOP/XMP profiles. If the underlying problem persists, clear the CMOS again.

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    < td >G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB Card (f4-3600c16d-32gvkc)

    < >

    Power Supply
    PC specifications
    Motherboard ROG Crosshair VIII Hero ( WI -FI)
    Processor 5900x
    Memory (link)
    Table #1 STRIX-GTX980-DC2OC-4GD5
    Monitor 2x NEC MultiSync LCD2690WUXi
    Storage #1 Sabrent Rocket 1 4 TB nvme.0 Gen4 PCIe M.#2 Samsung 2
    840 Evo Storage 1 Tr TB
    Processor NH-U12A
    Case Fractal Cooler noctua Meshify-C
    Fractal Design Ion+ 660W #1 Platinum
    Accessories 6x Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM< /td>

    Originally posted by Locc

    Hello from. I frequently rewrote the X570 asus Prime Pro with the latest BIOS version 2812 (beta) and upgraded from 3900X to 5900X.
    The problem is, in addition to the new bios and new cpu, I start with hundreds of WHEA Bus/Interconnection cpu and hwinfo errors directly from the windows event viewer.
    I can only use 3200Mhz memory with 1:1 ratio. Above and I am also getting errors. With the 3900X I ran 3800MHz 1:1, ran for a year with no problems. Nothing like this changes in the system. I checked that the memory was built for a new processor with a frequency of 3966 MHz (2: 1 ratio). Even with some of the hundreds of WHEA errors the system is overall and stable, I can run the Prime95 Karhu and For ram test without many errors. Could this be a bios bug or is it usually my faulty processor / pretty much something else?