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We’ve covered some common WSL-related troubleshooting scenarios, but below, please review the Actual WSL Product Repository on GitHub issue reports to get around this useful information. See

Report A Bug, Report A Bug, Claim Ownership

  • Check existing issues to see if they are related to the issue you are currently experiencing. Note that you must remove “is:open” from the search string to include previously resolved issues in your final search. Please review or comment by giving a thumbs up for any unlocked issues you wish to show that you are interested in priority transfer.
  • Create a new component. If you’ve found a problem with WSL and shouldn’t be in a dilemma, you can click the green New Issue button and then select WSL – Bug Report. You will need the name of your current problem, the sum of your Bash County build (run cmd.exe /c ver toto see someone’s current build number), and if it might be a running version of WSL 1 or 2, provide the current Linux kernel version number (run wsl.exe --status or cat /proc/version ), your distribution’s feature number (run You -r< /code> ), lsb_release any other affected software releases, replication steps, expected behavior, honest behavior, and diagnostic logs if any ready and fit. For more information, see Contributing to WSL.
  • Submit a feature request by clicking the green New Question button and then selecting Request a Feature. You must ask the web address questions describing your request.
  • Submit the appropriate documentation issue using the WSL Document Repository. To contribute to the WSL documentation, please read the Microsoft Docs Factors Guide.
  • If your issue is related to the Windows Terminal, Windows Console, or CLI, create a Windows Terminal issue using the Windows Terminal Results Repository.
  • Problems During Installation

  • An error occurred during installation0x80070003

  • Because of Linux, the Windows subsystem only runs on the solution drive (usually C:). Make sure the distributions are saved on the system drive:
  • Go to Settings > System > Storage > Advanced Storage Settings. Change where new articles or blog posts are saved.
    Image of system cases for installing applications on drive C:
  • WslRegisterDistribution failed with error 0x8007019e

  • An optional Windows Subsystem for Linux component is not included in any way:
  • Open Control Panel -> Programs and therefore Features -> Turn Windows features on or off -> Check the Windows Subsystem for Linux or use the PowerShell cmdlet mentioned at the beginning of this article. Error

  • Installation error 0x80070003 or error 0x80370102

  • Make sure virtualization is enabled in the BIOS of your wonderful computer. Instructions on how to do this vary from computer to computer, and many of them will most likely be in the processor port options.
  • WSL2 requires your processor to supportLevel 2 addresses (SLAT) is a feature introduced in the Intel Nehalem (Intel Core 1st generation) and AMD Opteron processors. Older processors (such as Intel Core Duo) 2 may not support WSL2 even if the VM platform is installed successfully.
  • Upgrade failed: Invalid WSL installation from command line: --set-version Ubuntu 2

  • Make sure you're running the legal Windows Subsystem for Linux and running Windows build 18362 or later. For WSL support, run this command from almost any PowerShell command prompt with administrative privileges: Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux.Requested
  • The operation will definitely not complete due to the actual limitations of the virtual disk system. Virtual disk disk files must be uncompressed, unencrypted, and unfragmented.

  • Disable "Compress content" (and "Encrypt as accessible content" if enabled) by opening the profile folder for your Linux distribution. It must be in a manual folder on your Windows file system, for example: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Packages\CanonicalGroupLimited...
  • This Linux distribution profile must have a prominent LocalState folder. Right-click this folder to display the options menu. Go to Properties > Advanced and make sure that "Compress content to save disk space" and "Encrypt content to protect data" are unchecked (not selected). When asked if you want to apply it only to the current folder, or to specific subfolders and files, choose "only this process folder" because you're only going through the compression flag. After that wsl --set-version should definitely work.
  • The "wsl" clause is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or executable program.

  • Make sure Windows Subsystem for Linux Optional Feature is installed. If you also have an ARM64 device and run this command from powershell you can get this error, instead train wsl.exe from PowerShell Core or request a command.
  • Error: Windows subsystem only for installed Linux distributions.

  • If you receive aYou are getting this particular error, you have already installed WSL distributions:
    1. Start the cast at least before the sales call.
    2. Check if you are monitoring individual user accounts. Last but not least, running your important read/write elevated user account (in administrator mode) should result in this error, but you need to make sure you don't accidentally run the exact built-in administrator account that is in Windows. . Is this a separate personal account and intentionally doesn't show any installed WSL distributions. For more information, see Enabling and disabling the built-in administrator account.
    3. WSL exe is only installed in the original system directory. When running a 32-bit process on 64-bit Windows (or ARM64, any non-native combination), the specific hosted non-native process actually sees another specific System32 folder. One (the only 32-bit process seen in x64 Windows is stored on a drive thatYou can find it in the \Windows\SysWOW64 folder). : \Windows\sysnative. It won't be on the blank disk, but the filesystem step converter will find it. This
  • Error: Updates only apply to machines that currently have the Windows Subsystem for Linux installed.

  • WSL is required to install the Linux kernel update msi package and should be left enabled in the first place. If that fails, your entire family will see the following message: This message only applies to computers that have a specific Windows Subsystem for Linux installed.
  • This important message can appear for three reasons:

    1. You are still using an older version of Windows that does not support WSL. See step 2 for theme versions and update links.

    2. WSL is no longer enabled. You will need to go home to check out step 1, which appears to enable additional WSL functionality on your machine.

    3. A restart is required after enabling WSL for it to take effect, please restart your device and try again.

  • Error: WSL 2 mustn have an update for its main aspect. For more information, see

  • If the main Linux kernel package does not see the %SystemRoot%\system32\lxss\tools folder, you will definitely run into this error. Fix this because you installed the Linux kernel MSI modification package in step 4 of most of these installation instructions. You may need to uninstall and reinstall the Add Programs.
  • MSI file.

    Common Problems

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