Chronicles of Diomedian: Glitch

Diomedian Glitch Chronicles:

Chronicles of Diomedian Glitch: the best novel/transcription dedicated to the events of the first Aegina journey. events occur

This is during the Arrivals DLC. Where a complete explosion of nearby relays in the Bahak system is causing confusion in Aegina’s working circuitry.

The Bank of Currency traps Aegina’s personnel in different parts of the ship, each hoping that the others will be inclined to come to their aid.


[In the bedroom, Archaon is holding on to one of the large one-sided computer golf games. To hear the applause, these and the dynamics of the game, in fact, ended. In front of the screen sits John Marachuk in front of a laptop, which also displays the same computer task. We ]

marachuk: you don’t have to make sure you’re eighteen; Nine can be done regularly easy – a course, in threes.

Marachuk: Well, be late. Women also love when men are late.

Archaon: Sthey won’t be here right now, and I can’t be late – not for dinner.

[He enters holding John behind him, smiling. John starts another game of golf on the computer.]

[Smiling, he approaches and rummages in his pockets in search of pants. He pulls out a small box and opens it.]

Archaon: I got this earlier from

[Into a white gold ring with a small diamond. John takes it and see if he can see the ring.]

Archaon: I think it’s the schedule that takes Alexis and all relationships to the next level…

Archaon: What, you don’t see the Unstick idea yourself? think to rush to score things?

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Archaon: Well, no. I’m not ready to set a date or a date either, but…

Archaon: Yes. It actually works one eighth of every carat and it turned out to be a good deal without any conflicts.

Archaon: Very efficient, so… .[he .picks up the .wireless .handset] ….Here I am!

[He’s an earpiece off the shelf. returns the box to John, still looking a little shocked.]

Marachuk: Well, I…I’ll buy you a beer later. We celebrate casually.

Archaon: Yes, or I’d rather drownAnd if sadness, she will say no.

[Archaon points to a door that looks broken, then pockets the box and heads towards the castle as Tanaka Beifong enters.

[tanaka walks away from her girlfriend boyfriend or and dejectedly descends the stairs, some then turn to the commander.]

[In Aegina’s infirmary, Scott Greer enters and approaches Moebius’s Lorelei. lower His right biceps/triceps in blood.]

[He sits on the paper to the side of his buttocks while Lorelei puts on medical gloves.]

Lorelei: It’s the third week of work this week. I had to patch up the audience.

Lorelei: Oh, they let them do the stitches… You know, your business has a lot of other ways to spend your free time.

[Lorelei approaches her eyes and begins to put on her gloves.]

[CIC Aegina. From Gwendolyn one direction leads to the elevator. Approaching the escalator from the other side, Vin Iggins, a gray-bearded, scruffy-looking man with a tablet computer, also approaches. They smile at each other as they walk through the doors.]

[The elevator doors open and Gwendolyn is standing next to Vin, with a man and a woman, a manWe are in the crotch.]

[Alexis is sitting over the equipment in the adjacent work room, making calls wherever she wants.]

Archaon: Oh, is it me? (He runs his fingers over his forehead. Oh, ) Probably yes. Okay, others, I, I think I’m just jumping in, users know – rip it off like they say… far from hurting either in the event… it does the opposite of what it will.

Archaon: nervous] It’s a scratch. Actually everything is right… and I mean us. .So .we .saw .thinking .– .and .I .don’t .know .you ., .but .by .I .see that we… you know…

[Alexis shyly slides her hands over her gifts and climbs him.]

[He puts it in his pocket and ties it with Velcro. That’s when you hear 1 and your current Doors alarm shuts down the room. Archaon looks at the surprise doors.]

[In the infirmary, Lorelei’s toilet window curtain is over Scott’s arm. An alarm sounds, so the train doors close. They look and sound like the doors leading to the main room will close for the appointed second.

[Archaon’s chamber is fully partitioned, lowering to seal Jonand therefore Tanaka inside.]

[In Archaon’s lab, Alexis rushes to the door. The waves reach Archaon at his exit plate, but he squeaks negatively.]

[Archaon runs his hand over the monitor again, but it only rings.]

[Archaon tries to manually open the doors. helps, Alexis but they won’t be able to move.]

Chapter One[]

[Chamber of Archaon. Tanaka, your partner’s hand passes over the wall texture panel several times, but the panel gets negative feedback each time. I tried to manually open the door for John, but no address can.]

[Tanaka tries a new cell in the wall, but all get the same negative signal.]

[Infirmary. And Lorelei Scott seem to be trying to open the doors. Lorelei turns her doors to Scott k.]

[As he keeps trying to unfasten Lorelei’s robe, activates his helmet.]

[Elevator. Inside Vin has an open main board in the wall, the circulation compartment is inside the item. Trying to manipulate the main circuit, Gwendolyn is still pressing various points on the wall plate at the back of the elevator to make one.yu delivery and thus activate another one.]

Iggins: The control mechanism is definitely working. If we could open the door sexually?

[He puts his laptop on the floor as he and Gwendolyn open the doors.]

Iggins: The elevator doors could be lighter. They are not intense, like the others in the ship’s doors.

[They pushed the doors aside, to no avail. scolds Vin when Gwendoline puts her headphones back on.]

Archaon: Good. [Flicks controller several times. I] need your own radio. I scattered all over my room. on

[She thinks for a moment, then simply points to the closed doors.]

Archaon: What do you mean? What, you can’t get a radio here?

Alexis: It’s a space for improvement, people all over the world don’t need it.

Archaon: [steps away from the door and starts looking around the room] call Okay, now. You see, that notification was a quarantine lock.

Archaon: Aegina’s self-defense against the epidemic, blocking sections of the ship to prevent the spread of the disease. I have a system after an optimized late flash KIrsana Fever.Thought i

alexis: that the systems couldn’t detect Kirsan’s fever.

Archaon: [still exploring the well, so the room] that you will have to adapt the system you know – introduce other more vigorous protocols. OK I need to approach the computer myself – to assess the degree of my position. I mean, are only a few sections sealed, or maybe the entire ship?