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Thursday 24 November 1999; Page E01

Last winter, Alex Meshkin was walking down Georgia Avenue in Rockville with his mom when he got the idea. he is annoyed at the thought of a new kind of Internet business that will forever turn the Meshkin family into billionaires.

“I got it!” recalls telling Brian, 23, who answered the call on his cell phone. “We provide everything for free.”

Alex Meshkin talked about his vision for a Yahoo-like website that would reward Internet users who earn points for reading news and emails. People could then use their accumulated goals to bid on items in special auctions.

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“One strategy would be to returnSome of the money we make from advertising goes to private individuals. Only it will be very interesting, because this is an auction,” Alex explained.

This is how Surfbuzz.Which com started its attempt to get online in a matter of weeks., with 17 employees and/or US$3 million in seed capital, is the latest example of their many companies creating a points system to reward consumers for their online activities. Most are designed to reward loyalty to certain websites, much like offline frequent flyer miles.Key

The problem that targeting systems are designed to solve is undoubtedly the lack of attention on the Internet to banner advertising, which is the main source of income for many websites. On average, people click on less than 1 in 100 ads presented to them, prompting web marketers to look for new ways to grab and hold their attention.

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Points are meant to reward customers for their time by simply providing them with e-mail.Monetary equivalent of old S&H green stamps that can be redeemed for gifts or favors on various websites. The problem is that there are so many systems for earning money and spending points online that the green stamps seem to come from a rainbow of colors, none of which are interchangeable.

Tons of creativity – in addition to this venture capital – attracts the interest of these companies that create sources of e-loyalty. However, some points are specific to the website – much like the auction offered by – others are “earned” and “spent” by being distributed across a network of websites. Most of them are used to attract users to the site, as visitors like to use their funds for purchases or other activities.

Three of the largest point-based Internet networks, Netcentives, and Cybergold, were shut down in connection with a stock offering this fall. None of them are currently profitable. Each of them has from 2 to 4 million affiliates – consumers who have opened “bank” accounts to earn points. Netcentives pos.Allows consumers to redeem Web Points for Air Miles.

One of the new players is trying to make his points valuable enough for the pros to use as a bargaining chip., launched in March, sells beenz e-tokens to sell websites for pennies. The UK’s largest market research company can use Benz to reward targeted people for taking surveys; invites you to use its cleaning services by registering.

“This new concept, called e-money, goes beyond programs,” said Philip Letts, chief executive of New York-based Loyalty. “Of course, loyalty systems were a way to offer discounts instead of making payments. We mint a single currency, keeping in mind that we provide a global system when it comes to companies around the world and new customers interacting with each other.”

Previous attempts to create electronic payment systems on the Internet have failed miserably, and usually less than 200 websites publish them. However, Beenz.comraised $36 million from an impressive list of global and international investors. Analysts believe that if such a system works, many believe that it could help the global Internet economy solve security problems and, as a result, currency exchange problems.

The Meshkin brothers are also trying to develop a points system that clusters advertisers into a group, rather than distributing their points evenly across the network. You see, they spent the 1998 holiday season honing their career plan, buying heavily for investors, and taking over a small California service provider, Dry Creek Advisors. The lender hired an experienced Coca-Cola marketer to turn their offer into a deal.

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It is not yet known whether people will find it as interesting as the Meshkin brothers – the brothers usually call it “infotainment”. Or if people find this site because nearly ten million websites are competing for the attention of over 200 million internet users worldwide and it’s getting harder to build an online audience.

This is a challenge to Mike Jensen, the 33-year-old brand manager for Classic Coca-Cola, who has been hired to be Surfbuzz’s chief operating officer. He kidnapped two other experienced Coke marketers at will, and then ambushed a group of six auto-traders at Novell Systems Inc. to develop an electronic system for earning and spending “BuzzPoints”.

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“Our idea is to allow consumers to determine the increased value of our currency when buying goods,” Jensen said. His people create sales formats that he comparesNiva with the so-called. v. Programming; They change depending on the time of day, the duration of the auction and the choice of product.

The company may run “mystery” auctions where bidders bid on factors from a range of windows, such as a real Porsche Boxster hidden behind one of them. Meshkin

The brothers moved to Atlanta this season because the Coke baseball team lives there. Alex Know Meshkin, 19, said the new company executives scolded the kid for not taking the risky methods that helped create

Meshkin said he got the money, along with the internet information that led to Surfbuzz, by taking the funds he and his father had saved for college and investing it in the stock market. After his day of trading increased his parents’ investment more than 26 times, and after spending hundreds of hours researching internet companies’ plans, he said, he decided to trust the University of Maryland to develop his own internet strategy, he says.

“I don’t day trade anymore,” he said. “No one’s company me nowwon’t let you in.”