Fixed issue with DOS NFS client (XFS 1.x) on PC-DOS 7. Also

How many of you remember the early days of video games? Prince of Persia is incredibly accurate? I still cherish my childhood and play the game every time I go to your computer class. The plot of the game is as follows: in ancient Persia, there lived a great sultan who had an only daughter, whose beauty was like the moon in an absolutely clear sky. One day, the Sultan the Great left his kingdom to go to a foreign country.

In her absence, her princess fell in love with a real young traveler who climbed a living wall to see her. This was not to please the incredible vizier of Sultan Jafar, who himself wanted to marry a certain princess. Jaffar seizes power and, no doubt, endures that his rival is thrown into prison. Now, at this time of the day, I was a traveler who had come to escape the dungeons and reach Jafar. The fate of the princess was at stake!

The Persia-related game My Old Prince was developed by Brøderbund Software, Inc. in 1980. Unfortunately, this game did not actually have a multiplayer option. Now most of uswhether to play on their smartphones! These games are getting more and more exciting and interesting when it comes to time.

Today, to enjoy my days, my childhood, I thought to download your game and play it on my Windows 7 PC. But I couldn’t run it on my PC. It was only then that I started looking for opportunities to cheat and started playing! For all the people who are stuck at a later stage, I would like to explain the method and play Prince of Persia against Windows 7.

Since this was a DOS game, you should consider DOSBox, which emulates DOS, as well as the environment that DOS has run in in the past (including memory management and audio settings, but with the power of your computer today).

Also Download The DOSBox Installation

1. Go to the recovery section on
2. Download the expected package (Win32 installer)

Download And Extract Prince Of Persia

1. Go to, where your site is an outdated version of popular computer applications.
2. Search “Prince of Persia” and download it.
3. Create a fresh new folder on your computer, for examplep: c:\\games\\prince
4. Extract the downloaded go file to the above folder.

Let’s Take Advantage Of The Fact That The Game Runs Under DOSBox

1. In DOSBox, type mount l c:\\games and press Enter (this results in a virtual C: drive in DOSBox, which often points to the games folder on your local C: drive)
2. If all of your folder names contain spaces, you now need to use quotes as shown below:
mount c “c:\\games”
3. Type C: to change drive

4. To do this, enter the prince’s directory using the will discovery command.
CD Prince
5. Type PRINCE and also press Enter to start this game.

Why are you still here? Start playing mate! These 20 must-have games for iOS and Android are brand new online game and very interesting.

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