9 Ways to Fix Playback/Playhead Issues with Logic Pro X

If you’ve ever worked with graphics, programs with the Marquee tool will seem alien to you; It is used to specify a 2D area in the photo window. This happens even in Logic, but in this indictment in court, one dimension spans time, another dimension spans multiple tracks.

Re: Problem With Cursor In Logic Ist Pro X

This is a permanent bug that has existed for several logical generations (countless versions)…
This is not actually a fix, but some tricks can
– Use help: the control key on the gadget around. forward mouse and back to switch.
I’m using the exit request key that I programmed to bring up the menupistol, and also select the default pointer tool (hand arrow from shape) of this tool menu. Thus, double pressing the Esc group on the keyboard will cause that tool to be (re-)selected, causing Logic to update the display of the mouse cursor icon.

LogicPro 10.7.2, MainStage 3.5.4
MBPro Core2Duo, 17″, OSX 8g, 10.12.Xeon 6
macpro, cores, 6GB, 64 OSX 10.16.1
ULN8, MOTU MIDI C4, MCU tp-av, KorgNano, pro, SLMkII
AAS, Novation NI, Celemony, Spectrasonics, Arturia korg, etc.
PC, latest generation iPadPro (Duett 12.9″ D., V- Control & LogicRemote), AtariST (Notator SL), several devices from the 1940s

MacBook Pro 15 inch Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz 2GB RAM,

Operating system MacBook Pro X (10.5.3)

Published July 26 at 03:46

After upgrading to Mountain Lion, I found all the problems with Logic Pro (Logic 9).

If you hover your mouse over the end of the real region in the arrange icon window, it won’t fit the loop (top right point of the region), you might want to resize it(lower right corner).

As a result, all the AND functions (areas of the resizing cycle) have undoubtedly disappeared.

Is there a way to Cursorlogix this idea, or do we have to go back and wait for the Logic Pro review to fix this problem?

Are you one of the users who has had hands-on experience with the Pro head?

There is no doubt that Apple devices, especially Macs and MacBooks, are the preferred choice for many fans and professionals when it comes to creating and editing media.

When it comes to multimedia applications, macOS has a lot going for it, from classic software to professional methods like Prologic X.

Logic Pro X is a great music software for producers and editors to create your own artwork in an environment full of useful tools to fine-tune your music. However, users have analyzed different loads on the Logic Pro playback head.

Some have seen this playpoint stuck in the beginningle header, which blocked the aggressor and did not allow him to play anything. There are also players who notice a slight jump in the playhead when pausing the game and the track.

In this tutorial, our team will show you many solutions for the Playhead Challenge using Logic Pro X.

  • 1. Restart Logic Pro.
  • 2. Restart your Mac/MacBook.
  • 3. Clean up this project.
  • 4.Save the project and give it another name.
  • 5.Turn it off by scrolling, select play.
  • 6. Update macOS.
  • 7. update Logic X pro.
  • 8. Reinstall Logic Pro X.
  • 9. Use alternative tools.
  • How to fix missing pointer in Logic Pro X playback
  • 1. Restart Logic Pro.

    If the playhead or playhead slider gets stuck in your app, you don’t seem to know on the web how to remove it from its current position. What you absolutely need to do is restart Logic Pro.

    There may have been a temporary bug in Logic Pro with the playhead slider that prevented playback of any Tracks due to a stuck playhead.

    1. First, click on the Finder located in the dock to open the search box.
    2. In the side Finder panel, click Applications.
    3. After that look at Utilities
    4. Now open Activity Monitor

  • Finally, click “Logic” on Pro X and click the “Force Exit” button to stop applications playing on your computer.
  • Later, open Logic Pro X again and try using it to see if the problem with the stuck playhead has been resolved.

    2. Restart Your Mac/MacBook.

    If restarting the application didn’t resolve your Logical problem with Head Pro, try restarting your current computer. your system may have been affected by a long-standing bug or a bug that caused Logic pro X to crash. Your

    1. On one computer, click the Apple logo in the left upper corner of the home page.
    2. Then click the screen on Restart.Start=”3″>

    3. Expect

    When you’re done, restart Logic X Pro to Make sure the Logic Pro playhead is still in its current position.

    How do you fix a misaligned cursor?

    Select the Show Index Tracks option. Some participants fixed their broken cursor when selecting the mouse cursor while approaching tracking.
    update your mouse drivers.
    Turn off the screensaver.
    Disable the secondary VDU.
    move the cursor between the two screens.
    Select “Duplicate” in the side project panel.
    Disable Windows Aero.

    However, if anyone is still having a playhead issue with Logic Pro X, you can move on to the next method below to resolve the issue.

    3. Run One Of The Cleanup Project.You

    If you’re working on a long project in Logic Pro, chances are you have a lot of unused files on your Macbook that apply previous settings and presets you like. This data may conflict with the current optimizations you have made to your project. You are

    If you can do a rough clean, remove any unnecessary media from each project.