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Fixed issue with DOS NFS client (XFS 1.x) on PC-DOS 7. Also

How many of you remember the early days of video games? Prince of Persia is incredibly accurate? I still cherish my childhood and play the game every time I go to your computer class. The plot of the game is as follows: in ancient Persia, there lived a great sultan who had an only daughter, whose beauty was like the moon in an absolutely clear sky. One day, the Sultan the Great left his kingdom to go to a foreign country.

In her absence, her princess fell in love with a real young traveler who climbed a living wall to see her. This was not to please the incredible vizier of Sultan Jafar, who himself wanted to marry a certain princess. Jaffar seizes power and, no doubt, endures that his rival is thrown into prison. Now, at this time of the day, I was a traveler who had come to escape the dungeons and reach Jafar. The fate of the princess was at stake!

The Persia-related game My Old Prince was developed by Brøderbund Software, Inc. in 1980. Unfortunately, this game did not actually have a multiplayer option. Now most of uswhether to play on their smartphones! These games are getting more and more exciting and interesting when it comes to time.

Today, to enjoy my days, my childhood, I thought to download your game and play it on my Windows 7 PC. But I couldn’t run it on my PC. It was only then that I started looking for opportunities to cheat and started playing! For all the people who are stuck at a later stage, I would like to explain the method and play Prince of Persia against Windows 7.

Since this was a DOS game, you should consider DOSBox, which emulates DOS, as well as the environment that DOS has run in in the past (including memory management and audio settings, but with the power of your computer today).

Also Download The DOSBox Installation

1. Go to the recovery section on
2. Download the expected package (Win32 installer)

Download And Extract Prince Of Persia

1. Go to, where your site is an outdated version of popular computer applications.
2. Search “Prince of Persia” and download it.
3. Create a fresh new folder on your computer, for examplep: c:\\games\\prince
4. Extract the downloaded go file to the above folder.

Let’s Take Advantage Of The Fact That The Game Runs Under DOSBox

1. In DOSBox, type mount l c:\\games and press Enter (this results in a virtual C: drive in DOSBox, which often points to the games folder on your local C: drive)
2. If all of your folder names contain spaces, you now need to use quotes as shown below:
mount c “c:\\games”
3. Type C: to change drive

4. To do this, enter the prince’s directory using the will discovery command.
CD Prince
5. Type PRINCE and also press Enter to start this game.

Why are you still here? Start playing mate! These 20 must-have games for iOS and Android are brand new online game and very interesting.

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    How to Use Safe Mode to Recover a Windows PC (And If You

    The recovery source is usually a location used to update advanced Windows features, enable various Windows features, or restore a corrupted Windows image. You can also use Windows Update or a range of files as a restore source.

    A recovery source is a location used specifically to restore additional Windows benefits, enable additional Windows features, or overhaul a corrupted Windows image. You can use Windows Update or a set of files as repair credit.

    A restore reason is a location that helps restore additional Windows features, enable additional Windows features, or repair a corrupted Windows image. You can use Windows Update or a number of documents as a recovery source.

    A recovery source is a place where you can restore additional Windows conditions, enable advanced Windows features, or save a corrupted Windows image.

    You can use Windows Update or set behind files as a restore source.

    Select The Appropriate Recovery Source

    Windows Update is the default restore source, but you have the option to configure Group Policy to install it, and there may be more network locations that require our files to restore a healthy or broken Windows feature. Restore a working system.

    Use Windows Update To Restore Optional But Functional Windows Images

    1. Windows Update was used by default if allowed by computer policy settings.

    2. You can set Windows Update as the backup restore source. If you’re using Windows Update as your primary backup or restore source, it’s important to make sure your firewall is set to allow access to Windows Update.

    Use Files As Good Sources

    How do I fix Windows bootloader?

    Try to boot your device from a recovery drive or develop Windows 10 media;
    Basically, click System Restore on the installation screen;
    Then choose Troubleshoot -> Startup Repair and selectSelect the operating system whose bootloader you want to restore;

    Instead of testing Windows Update, you can use the target group as a source:

  • Mounted Image

    You can choose a Windows image mounted from this simple .wim file as a source for restoring advanced features and restoring even the most damaged operating system. Example: c:\mount\Windows. For more information about capturing a meaningful Windows image as WIM information, see Capturing Disk Partition Images Using DISM.

  • Installing Windows

    If you wish, you can use a running Windows installation exactly as a source for restoring additional consumables, providing a fully sharedAccess the c:\Windows folder on your network.

  • Folders side by side (SxS)

    How do I repair Windows 10 with command prompt?

    Click Startup Repair.
    Click System Restore.
    Choose a trusted username.
    Enter password.
    Type “cmd” into the main search field.
    Right-click Command Prompt and select “Run as administrator”.
    At the command prompt, type sfc /scannow and press Enter.

    You can use a side-by-side Windows file from a network share or removable media such as Windows installation media as a file source. Example: z:\sources\SxS.

  • WIM file

    Of course, you can use a Windows demo (.file wim) on a network share as a source to restore additional features. You must specify an index in the Windows image in all the .wim files you need, and use the Wim: prefix in the path to recognize this file format. For illustration, specify index 3 in the registry named contoso.wim, enter: Wim:\\network\images\contoso.wim:3.

  • Use Group Policy Set To Preferred Recovery Source

    You can use Group Policy to change your preferred restore source.

    Configure Group Policy For Features On Demand

    1. Open the dialing policy editor. For example, on S.K. a. On Windows 10, on the Start screen, type “Edit Group Policy”, then select “Edit Group Policy”Click to open the Group Policy Editor.

    2. Click “Computer Configuration”, “Administrative Templates”, “And System” and then double-click “Set Advanced Feature Options” in the Install and Repair Features settings.

    3. Select the display options you want to use for on-demand features.

    Maintain Source Of Repair

    If you’re not using Windows Update for your recovery source features, and for automatic corruption repair, consider the following guidelines for managing your recovery source.

    Technical Updates

    Update all repair sources with the latest maintenance updates. If you are using a WIM image or feature file, you may need DISM to serve the image. For more information, see Mount and Modify a Windows Image Using DISM. If you are using an online install of Windows that is shared locally on your network due to a recovery image, make sure your computer hasYou have access to Windows Update.

    Multilingual Images

    You must include all relevant language packs in your current recovery source files in order to support your image. If you enable Full Repair for a feature without the language components currently required by Windows Setup for that feature, the installation will fail.

    You can download additional language packs after restoring performance.

  • 3 minutes of reading
  • Use only RTM media, regardless of whether the source is WIM or a specific mounted Windows image. Update information contains older versions of files that exclude certain media, and these files may be needed by the system running the target.
  • Of course, make sure the source of this latest cumulative update is fixed. Assuming the target operating system is patched to a higher level than the original, adding features orRestoring operating systems may fail because the target operating system requires updated files that are not present in the source.
  • If you use the dism /RestoreHealth command, you can specify one of these locations using the /Source parameter. For more information, see DISM operating system command-line options.
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    How do I repair Windows 10 with bootable USB?

    Download the Windows ISO image.
    Create a bootable USB drive or DVD.
    Boot from support and select “Fix your good computer”.
    Under Advanced Troubleshooting, select Startup Repair.

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    How do I repair Windows 10 with command prompt?

    Click Startup Repair.
    Click System Restore.
    Choose your username.
    Enter password.
    Type “cmd” into the main search field on the right.
    Basically, right-click Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator.
    Type sfc /scannow at the command prompt and press Enter.

    Windows Safe Mode is an indispensable tool. On a pcrrr infected with malware or faulty drivers, safe mode may be the only way to it.Computer process start.

    How do I fix Windows bootloader?

    Try booting your device from a recovery DVD or Windows 10 installation media;
    On this installation screen, click “System Restore”;
    Then select Troubleshoot -> Boot Repair” to select the operating system whose bootloader you want to try to restore;

    Safe boot mode for your PC with a minimum number of car owners and services. No third party software loads drivers either, and even heavily integrated Windows components are limited to what is needed. Safe Mode is a great way to remove problematic software, such as malware, without it bothering you. In addition, it provides a very convenient environment where it is easier to roll back drivers and use dedicated troubleshooting tools.

    If safe mode can help

    When Windows starts normally, it launches startup programs, starts any services configured to start, and loads any hardware you’ve installed. If you’re booting into Windows Safe Mode, use a very low screen resolution with simple video drivers, don’t support many features, download only necessary products and services, and avoid downloading third-party launchers.

    Sometimes you can start Windows insafe mode if you can’t continue working with Windows normally, so now is the time to start troubleshooting potential problems. If our computer is also infected with malware, the hardware has unstable drivers that affect the occurrence of blue screens, safe mode can help you solve the problem, since these parts will not load as they would during normal Windows startup.

    RELATED: Everything you need to know about the blue screen of death

    If your computer has an error and users can’t fix it, or if your work computer is unstable and freezes or blue screens, you should enter Safe Mode to fix it.

    How to Start Windows in Safe Mode

    RELATED ARTICLES: How to Boot into Safe Mode in Windows 10 or 8 (Easy Method)

    Your Windows PC should automatically boot into Safe Mode if your PC freezes repeatedly while having problems booting normally. However, you can also manually boot into safe mode:

  • Windows 7 and earlier: Press the F8 key during computer startup (after the initial BIOS screen, but before the Windows boot screen), then select Safe Mode from the menu that appears.
  • Windows 8: Hold down the Shift key while clicking Restart from the Power menu on the login screen or the exact menu on the charms bar to start someone else’s process.
  • Windows Shift 10: Hold down the Restart button in the Power Options submenu of each Start menu. Click Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Options > Restart. When you actually see the main screen, press the 4 key.
  • How do I repair Windows 10 with bootable USB?

    Download the Windows ISO image.
    Create a bootable USB drive or DVD.
    Boot from media and select Repair your computer.
    Under Advanced Troubleshooting, select Startup Repair.

    How do I fix Windows bootloader?

    Try running the program from the recovery disc or Windows 10 installation media;
    On the screen of the installation computer, click “System Restore”;
    Then choose Troubleshoot -> Boot Repair and select eachfrom our operating systems, whose bootloader you want to try;

    How To Fix A Computer Kernel Bite

    A kernel panic (sometimes abbreviated as KP) is a security assessment performed by the kernel of an operating unit when it detects an internal fatal error, from which it can either safely recover or continue to work with systems that pose a very high risk. serious mistake. loss of knowledge error.

    The causes of kernel panics and/or BSODs are varied and can even be hardware or software related. Common causes are things like faulty RAM or faulty peripherals, driver software plugins, or even programs with rough language.

    Afraid of seeing Blue Of Screen Death or BSoD? Well, that goes for the rest of the world too! And this is also extremely terrible. Unfortunately, an incorrect kernel security check is a “fatal” error leading to a BSoD.

    What Causes The Kernel Security Check To Fail?

    Check your computer for memory problems.
    Check and fix hard drive errors.
    Start Windows 10 in safe mode.
    Uninstall, reinstall and possibly update your hardware drivers.
    Run environmentsyour system file checker.
    Run System Restore.
    Perform a clean install of Windows 10.

  • Memory issues
  • Deprecated drivers
  • Viruses
  • Windows system tools are corrupted.
  • Files A
  • Faulty security system or corrupted hard drive.
  • Of these excellent, incompatible driver media are the most common, especially if you’ve upgraded to Windows 8 or 10 from a much older version. Chances are you’re usually using a driver that worked well in previous versions, but far below the current version. In such cases, the system returns this error.

    Normally, when the Windows operating system starts, a verification process is performed. This process generates a KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE error when it detects a corruption of a very important data structure.

    How To FixKernel Check Error?

    There’s good news and bad news here. Let’s get to the bad news first.

    This means you don’t know exactly what the problem is. Is it memory, drivers, viruses or what? Therefore, you need to do a little research to understand each issue.

    The good news is that you can easily fix the problem, although you may have to try a few different steps to determine the cause.

    Memory Can Cause Problems

    You are referring to memory issues with the Mind Diagnostic tool available in Windows 10, 6-8 and 7. This tool also checks your computer’s RAM.

    To access this dedicated execution tool, go to Motherboard Management and type “memory” in the search bar. Click “Diagnose computer disk space problems” to open this tool. You can also type “mdsched” in the startup search and press Enter to launch this tool.

    You have two options: restart your computer and check for software immediately.Problems or check for problems on restart.

    Choose one of the two options depending on your preferences. If you decide to reopen, be sure to save money at work.

    If you are an advanced user and want to configure all the settings for this tool, press F1 when starting the device. You can change the following settings.

  • Testing There are three types of testing: basic, standard, and advanced. Each of these challenges can be described on the screen, and your whole family can choose what you want.
  • Cache: select cache settings
  • Troubleshooting: Determine often you want the system to repeat this friendly test.
  • If this tool returns any errors, please contact your vendor, as these errors indicate problems with pseudo memory or RAM.

    Windows File System Is Corrupted

    To check if the security kernel check failed due to file system corruption, run the System File Checker.

    Run this utility if you changeAnd or replaced a lot of system files when setting up the running system. Also, run this tool before you suspect that another process may have corrupted your system files, which is unlikely if you are using Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10. This is because with these updates, System File Checker is automated in Windows. Resource protection. Therefore, all important system files are in Protected View. Even if modified, the original file is automatically restored from the cached copy of the folder.

    In any case, to run this help, your open command prompt means “sfc /scannow” and press Enter. This tool will definitely work, and if it is broken, the corrupted data will be overwritten from the cache on reboot.

    Problems With Drivers

    Driver Is Verifier is a good tool for checking driver incompatibilities. To open this type of tool, in the Start menu search box, type “Verifier” and click Penetration. You can also type “check /?” at the required prompt. Both options should create a Driver Verifier.

    InSelect “Create Daily Defaults” and continue. You can also select “Create Custom” to select individual methods or options. Here are some of them:

  • Automatic parameter check. This option periodically checks the performance of the driver set. In case of erroneous behavior, the manager ensures that the entire driver releases all resources and unloads before that.
  • Special pool. If you choose this option, your own handler allocates a memory driver request from the specified pool, which is monitored for overflow and therefore underflow.
  • Force IRQL – Validate. With this parameter, the handler will invalidate the paged password to prevent a driver with a bad IRQL from accessing extended memory.
  • Simulated resource shortage. If the majority of users select this option, the manager will randomly reject memory requests to the driver to test the driver’s ability to absorb resource shortages.
  • Pool Tracking: This setting is deferredi when the driver has all memory resources available on unload. This prevents memory leaks.
  • I/O handshake: This option monitors the I/O processing capabilities of the driver and detects inconsistent I/O routines in the task.
  • Decision on deadlocks. This option monitors the driver’s spinlocks and mutexes to test the driver’s ability to cause deadlocks.
  • DMA – Confirmation This option tests the driver’s use of DMA routines to confirm misuse of the DMA buffer and display registers.
  • Security checks. The service technician checks for common errors that can lead to security vulnerabilities.
  • Once you’ve chosen your options, it’s time to select the drivers you want to view. You can select individual drivers or drivers from the built-in Verifier Manager. Select

  • Automatically unsigned drivers are a good choice for the verification process on versions of Windows that do not require signed driversdrivers.
  • Automatic selection of drivers designed for Windows versions: Helps you check driver compatibility with entry-level versions of Windows.
  • Automatically select all couriers installed on the computer. Checks all drivers installed on your company computer.
  • Select drivers from offer. This option allows you to save all the drivers you want to test.
  • The KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE error is indeed related to the fact that it causes the blue screen of death error. This is a sudden system failure that results in data loss and may lead to more serious and dangerous problems in the future.

    After you’ve made your selection, select “Finish” and restart your laptop. When run, the check employer checks the driver for inconsistencies.

    Hard Drive Analysis

    Constantly scan your hard drive for discrepancies and inconsistencies with Check Disk Machine. Windows 8/10 has an updated chkdsk utility to automatically detect problems on your hard drive. This is because Windows 8 uses the latest file system named ReFS, which does not require the notable standalone tool chkdsk to troubleshoot issues. Since this file system uses different persistence models, this check is not necessary. But itIf anyone else wants, you can run a feature scan manually.

    To do this, run the final chkdsk /f c: command in response to the purchase prompt. Restart your computer, whether necessary or not.

    In earlier versions, this tool can now be run manually. In fact, it’s okay if you run this check once in between, looking for fatal hard drive errors, which can mostly occur due to improper shutdown, corrupted software, etc. you


    If you cannot determine the cause of the problem, check it for viruses and then for ransomware. Install the latest Windows updates and run your antivirus software. As for drop viruses, take the necessary steps to remove them from all your computers.

    Yes, a kernel security check failure will indicate a BSoD, but don’t be alarmed. You encounter this error for many reasons such as memory issues, origins, driver incompatibility, and hard drive errors. Try the above Solutions to fully find the cause of the error and fix it accordingly.

    Windows Errors Desktopmodo


    Are you using a full-fledged Surface Pro or Book and notice your PC is stuck in tablet mode? Can’t disable this mode? What to do if Desktopmodo 10 is stuck in tablet mode? How will this return Windows 10 to desktop mode? Now MiniTool can help you solve this problem with Assist. Try these methods below right now!

    Note. This solution is only available for Surface Pro 4 and cannot be implemented on other devices.

    Note. The filter may flash several times when both buttons are pressed. If so, don’t worry and hold down these keys for about 20 seconds.

    How can I schedule a shutdown in Windows 10 so that my computer will automatically turn on at a specific time? Try these methods mentioned in this post type.


    Changing registry keys can make your computer risky. So ideally you

    Backing up registry keys

    What is a full system point-in-time restore and how do I create a point-in-time restore for Windows 10? This article shows current responses.

    Reset Windows 10,clean install, fresh install and run, what’s the difference? Read this article to learn more and choose the right operating system to reinstall.

    Note: To backup in paper tablet mode, you need to click on the circle image and type MiniTool ShadowMaker in the main search box to open our free software.

    How can I protect my data? How to back up files in Windows 10? This article introduces 4 easy file backup methods available.

    1. Go to Settings > System > Tablet Mode.
    2. Select Use desktop mode.

    In Windows 10, it’s usually found on the taskbar. Just click on the notification icon to open the notification center.

    Tablet mode is an important additional feature that allows you to use your device by touching the screen in a normal way, instead of using the keyboard and mouse. In open mode, you can simply use your PC as a tablet.

    In desktop mode, the program screen isand normal user interface. But in tablet mode, you have more room to work and your computer still has a normal screen.

    Whenever you Start your Windows PC that you think works. However, things don’t always start right, especially if it’s based on a bug that you didn’t notice and can’t fix.

    These errors probably include a horrible black screen. There can be several reasons why it is disabled in Windows 10 Boost and we seem to be next, so follow us to learn how to fix desktop black screen issues.

    Causes Of Black Desktop Screen Issues In Windows 10

    You may have heard of the typical black-screen-of-death” and this is common to all operating systems as well. This usually happens when you turn on your computer and see a black screen.

    The main reasons for the appearance of blackscreen on your Windows 10 desktop are a faulty screen, a faulty graphics card, or an imperfect connection.

    Other causes include a corrupted system image that appears as a short blink and a blank screen, an incorrect display adapter, or a computer crashing solely due to a motherboard failure.


    How To Fix Desktop Black Screen In 10

  • Check window connections
  • Wake the display from sleep
  • Try a different monitor to test the faulty video card.
  • Make sure your computer’s motherboard is not damaged
  • Repair or replace a specific monitor
  • Boot in safe mode
  • Reinstall your video driver
  • Check for free connections

    A black computer screen can be caused by loose contacts in your computer’s electrical circuit or by various cables. Check the adapter plug to make sure it is securely connected to the monitor and connected to a power source to provide accurate current.

    Make sure someone’s videocable connections< /a> are firmly attached to the back of your computer and hold, and the graphics card usually sits securely in the motherboard, in addition, all cables and wires are easily and correctly connected.

    If you don’t consider readiness when turning on a person plug your monitor into a power outlet, this may be a problem when your monitor or TV is on. You can also try a different cable or connection if you see the sleep light but still don’t get a signal from your computer.

    Disconnect any external device, such as a mouse, hard drive, or keyboard, and restart your computer. If the black screen should disappear, connect each of these devices one by one to find the culprit among these types and update their drivers.

    Wake the display from sleep

    Not all PC screen issues in Windows 10 are serious.Known problems with electronics or other components. In fact, your screen may not be recognized while running Windows In 10, in which case you can use the keys on your keyboard to force the screen to wake up.

    To do this, press the Windows One + CTRL + SHIFT + B keys at the same time. This will restart your computer’s graphics cards and fix some basic problems.

    You can also press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard, press the power button in the lower right corner of the screen, and click Restart to restart your computer. Your computer will restart without started all black screen.Black

    Editing desktop screen may have been replaced with Windows 10 Update has been released, so using the hotkey can help you exit in various states, including an irritated screen.

    You can also check how Computer screen brightness levels are raised, and if the device is where -something lowered screen brightness to save power.

    Use a different monitor to test the faulty graphics card

    The main problems with faulty manufacturer graphics cards are typical defects or damage, but you can easily check if your graphics card is faulty or needs to be replaced by trying it on a different monitor and reading its rating for the display. If the image on the other monitor is normal, then your current monitor is faulty.

    Make sure your computer’s motherboard is not damaged

    Your video card may be working properly, but your motherboard may not. All about your business Computers are connected to this large circuit board, which allows us to properly interact and communicate. When most motherboards short out due to overvoltageHowever, it may not be able to read and use fixed boards or components and cause timely malfunctions.

    Check for damage, then try a different graphics card to make sure the display doesn’t dim. Otherwise, replace the entire board.

    Repair or replace monitor

    A home computer black screen can also indicate that it has reached the end of its life due to factors such as high humidity or humidity, or a client crash in the monitor. If you’re talking to another computer and it doesn’t work either, the monitor is defective and should just be replaced.