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YouTube users watch thousands of hours of video every day. Fortunately, on average, they only watch about 50-60% of the total video length. If you are a content creator on YouTube, this should tell you that the artistic videos you create on your channel should be noticed and immediately engage your viewers.

A good introductory one video is one of the best ways to grab the viewer’s attention. An intro is a music video, intro video and YouTube, usually from a few to 20 seconds long. Effective videos quickly introduce you or your caption, create content anticipation, and start building brand awareness—all within the first 20 seconds of the video.

With PowerDirector, you can create memorable YouTube intro videos using the following features:

  • Introductory Video Sketches (Quick Projects)
  • Chart titles
  • Particle Objects
  • Transitions
  • Background music
  • Here is a typical example of a YouTube launch video created using these PowerDirector features:

    In this article, we’ll show most people to make the above YouTube intro video and also share some great stuff you can use to make your own intro video. If PowerDirector doesn’t already have it, you can download it for free here.

    1.Use An Intro Video Template

    PowerDirector comes with a variety of pre-made introductory video templates (called a program in projects) that anyone can use to get started. To use express project:

    3. Select a project-specific template to use in your video intro. We have prepared several sports – Middle in 2 of our sample intro videos. This express joystick is available in PowerDirector Pack Content Premium 3.

    5. Once the express task appears on the timeline, take a moment to view an example of an introductory video template online and decide how you want to embed your specific media. When you are done, replace system media placeholders with your own media files, i.e. digital video clips by you with or your awesome YouTube channel.

    6. You can change the properties as well as the duration of the added videos, or change the default transitions in your Web Express, and then the titles. The media and placeholder effects provided by the template are hardly a guide, so feel free to customize your video.

    2. Add Animated Graphic Titles

    PowerDirector provides a ready-to-use publishing theme with animated graphics that can highlight any YouTube video intro. You can simply drag and drop your main project into it to add stylish titles to help guide your video. To add a header graphic to a section image:

    2. Then select the Motion Design title and choose one of the specific title templates you want to use in your intro video.

    3. In our introductory video, we usedAnd Graphics Motion 006 and Graphics 012 motion. These graphical procedural headers are usually added during PowerDirector installation.

    5. Double-click it on the entire timeline, or select it and click the “Designer” button to edit it in the title designer.

    6. Edit the title text and theme settings as required by the title designer, then click or click OK to save the changes.

    If one of these two main anime graphics titles doesn’t suit your needs, a PowerDirector 365 subscription allows you to download premium animation graphics for free.

    3. Add Particle Objects

    Particle objects can bring videos to life and add interesting effects. In the intro to our music video, we used a particle called Colorful Smoke from the Weather, the latest particle pack available for free by PowerDirector to 365 subscribers. To create this particle:

    2. Select the particle state tag AND, then select one of the available particles.

    3. Drag it to the video timeline. CurrentlyWe have replaced the original Express Theme Particle with a colored new smoke particle that is included with the PowerDirector 365 subscription.

    4. If necessary, change the condos and object duration of the particles.

    4. Insert

    Transitions help convey the likely mood of the video. In the current intro video, we have replaced the default transition with a fast and smooth transition between clips and. You can quickly view our video. To add a transition:

    2. Choose a great transition to add to this intro video. We used scale, zoom in/zoom out to give us the overall look we want.

    5. Add Background Music


    Music is a must for introductory music videos for everyone. Fortunately, with a PowerDirector 365 monthly subscription, you get access to hundreds of related music tracks. Add music to the story:

    1. Select “Media Library Window” under “Background” “Music” from the “Multimedia” drop-down menu.

    2. First and step preview and then upload the photoNew track of your favorite songs that you want to use. In our intro video we have liked a track called All Nothing or Sometimes. Click the “Continue” button to download this button.

    3. Once downloaded, drag it to the video timeline with background music.

    5. Customize Your Intro Video

    Of course, by following the steps above, you will receive an introductory video. Use it as a starting point and aim to create any video intro you want for your YouTube videos. With 365 powerdirector you have access to many additional reports that can be used in intro videos and all YouTube content.

    A subscription gives you exclusive access to Web Library Express templates, titles with anime graphics, and other rewards, including objects, particle transitions, and

    You also have access to background music tracks, audio clips, effects, and other stock videos that can be used in intro videos.

    Export PowerDirector directly essential now, thYou can start creating your first free intro video today already. Once you’ve created a solid intro video, you can get feedback from video media experts and other PowerDirector users by simply posting a YouTube link in the PowerDirector showcase.