Codec search. This is a four cubic “IV50”.

About Indeo (IV50)

Version 5, Interactive.0 series of Indeo codecs for Internet video transmission via. Ligos apparently offers a copy here as well, but it will cost you something. Interactive

Independent Downloads

An encapsulated AVI video folder named Event20121114131211001 congress.

I recognized the nature in this picture as the call style used by the Geovision Cards DVR. What was odd, however, was that, in addition to placing the file, MediaInfo displayed a meaningful 4CC code, IV50.

In Gspot 4CC, most of the time it was not read. He said that “strl”, a kind of part of the AVI header, unfortunately, is not a part! Troubleshooting Steps For 4cc Iv50 Codec When I saw avi in ​​the HXD header, I confirmed that this is exactly the property of the IV50 codec that I need.

These codecs have always been fairly common and can be found on reseller sites als

I thought I had successfully installed an Indeo codec called IndeoXP and I could see the DLL in my System32 folder, but I still didn’t see the concept!

There are many ways to get this codec if you really need to do what it’s supposed to do on Vistaand Windows 32/64 7 bit on the page mentioned but I found it worked for me…

In principle, I would say that the presence of a DLL file is registered in the Windows registry, and Windows can deal with it.

More from a real desire to get an optical video file than just from the documentation, it looks like Geovision is the guy that was later transcoded to all Indeo codecs.

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